Jacob was the oldest son of Reuven Ancelevicz.  Reuven was the son of Batia Alperovich, who married Mordechai Anzelevich and moved from Kurenets to Smorgon in the early 1900s  They lived in what was formerly Lithuania and today Belarus.  Mordechai died in Europe, leaving behind three children--Reuven, Herzl and Rachel. Batia remarried Mr. Lamdansky and moved to Hadera in Palestine in the 1930's, following in the footsteps of her children. Her father, Yankel (Jacob), who had been living with her immigrated to the U.S. in 1928 and died a year later.  Reuven married and had three children---Jacob, Mordechai and Yaov.  Seeking new economic opportunities, he moved to London in the late 50's/early 60's.  Unable to move to the U.S. because of his political activism, he instead was invited by a friend to come to Sao Paulo and invest in a business.  Jacob was a professor of finance at a major university in Sao Paulo for many years and was an entrepreneur as well.  He owned a leather design company that sold high-end leather products made to order.